Ethan Aldrich

Ideating is a death trap

Ideating doesn’t happen in consensus.

The concept of “planning to perfection” has held back countless projects. Waiting for the perfect strategy, the perfect team alignment, or the perfect market conditions often means waiting indefinitely. This prolonged ideation phase can be a trap.

Rather than over-planning, it’s about starting experiments swiftly. Dive deep into the nucleus of the concept, strip it to its essence, and take immediate action. Ask yourself: What’s the very first tangible step towards realizing this vision? Don’t overthink it.

In the startup realm, speed is the ultimate currency. While proper planning has its merits, nothing substitutes real-world testing. You’ll learn more from a single prototype in the hands of users than from months of theoretical brainstorming.

So, the next time you find yourself caught in the cycle of perpetual ideation, snap out of it. Start experimenting. Take the first step. Don’t fall into the ideating trap. The world doesn’t need more ideas; it needs execution.

May 6, 2018  @ejaldrich